Last Sole steps forward into this new season with essential designs eliminating the gender gap and welcoming all to this new era. For this collection, the traditional leather craft of the artisans is amplified with the use of vegetable tanned leather as its’ prime ingredient. The properties of this material allow for truly luxurious, long-lasting footwear that is kind to sensitive skins as well as considerate to the environment.

The colors follow the raw quality of the leather, staying within neutral shades they range from nude to black through a delicate grey. The softness of these tones allow for the distinct texture of the leather to be exposed, highlighting its’ true, natural state. The design inspiration itself was very much influenced by the properties of the material and how they relate to the raw, natural characteristics of skin, as well as traditional crafting techniques. The idea was to follow this line of inspiration to create minimal designs of impeccable construction delicate lines and engaging details.