Last Sole, the Portuguese brand of ecological footwear!

Ecological footwear

Last Sole, the Portuguese brand of ecological footwear!

Last Sole is a Portuguese brand of ecological footwear. Sneakers are produced according to the upcycling trend, using sustainable materials.
Ecological footwear

Ecological footwear is increasingly a choice of the consumer who cares about the environment, but does not want to give up style and comfort. To meet this growing need, Last Sole, a Portuguese brand of sneakers and eco-friendly casual footwear, has emerged.

Avoiding waste is a goal of the brand, which thus joins the worldwide Upcycling movement. This trend against so-called Fast Fashion is based on the reuse of sustainable and planet-friendly materials.

Sustainability is, therefore, the essence of Last Sole, which seeks to motivate people to have a more positive environmental footprint.  Technological innovation is another of the company’s assets for the development of ecological footwear made in Portugal.


Ecological footwear that mainly uses sustainable materials

One of the main ingredients in the production of Last Sole sneakers is the leather, preferably of vegetable tanning, “chrome free” or “metal free”, from Portuguese and Italian companies that meet all European environmental regulations. In addition to these, microfiber, given its beneficial characteristics, is present in the composition of most models.

Alongside the environment, consumer welfare is also a priority for the eco-friendly footwear brand. We have models made with non-synthetic materials, which respect even the most sensitive skins.

Most soles are composed of natural rubber, a more sustainable material with a considerably lower environmental impact. The Last Sole also offers in all collection’s models 100% vegan friendly, that do not use animal leather.

With each new launch it is possible to find casual, urban and timeless proposals. From classic models to more futuristic trends, the Portuguese brand presents sneakers with easy to combine colours, whatever the occasion.


Microfibre, the new trend in ecological footwear

After leather, microfiber is the main raw material for Last Sole’s ecological footwear. It is a breathable, hypoallergenic and resistant material. Its composition is non-toxic, in accordance with the European standard REACH.

Another advantage of microfiber is the absence of chromium, which makes the footwear more biodegradable. It is also an antibacterial and fast absorbing material. No less important is the fact that it is not derived from animals and is considered vegan friendly.

Last Sole’s shoes are produced under decent working conditions. The confection is not automatic, it is mechanized and carried out by highly specialized workers, making each model unique, and at the same time providing the necessary time and attention to each model produced.

The company is synonymous with transparency. The whole manufacturing process is concentrated in Portugal, which increases the credibility with the consumer looking for a more ecological option.


Renewable energy powers the Last Sole plant

Last Sole is seriously committed to the environment. During the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the company installed 245 photovoltaic panels on its premises. Thanks to this advance, it is now practically self-sufficient in energy.


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The ecological footwear brand believes that each of us can make a difference by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Basically, remember that the future of the planet depends on the steps of all of us!

Visit the online store to discover the upcoming Last Sole collections and be inspired by the colours and trend models. Embark on a greener adventure, for you and for the planet!





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